Welcome to the Museum of Beer and Brewing

Mission: To preserve and display the proud history of beer and brewing
throughout the world and particularly in North America.
Vision: The Museum of Beer and Brewing is the premier museum that:
Presents the evolution of beer and brewing
Offers an interactive experience to visitors
Provides educational resources
Recognizes regional roles in brewing history
Collaborates with interested partners to further our mission.



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11th Annual Milwaukee BREWFEST ~ Saturday, July 25, 2020

Get Tickets  Now:  http://milwaukeebrewfest.com/

Touring Wisconsin's Craft Breweries

This article from TravelWisconsin.com provides an entertaining list of Southern and Northern brewerys and brewpubs for day trips which include addtional sites of interest to explore ... TRAVEL HERE

Craft Brewers Conference

& BrewExpo America

 April 17 through April 24, 2020
Conference~Trade Show ~ Sponsors ~ Registration

...  Check out the LINKS for Milwaukee Breweries; Collector Associations; Brewers Associations; Beer Websites; Home Breweries; Wisconsin Breweries, Places and Publications - GO TO LINKS.

... SAVE THE DATE ~ September 13, 2020 CELEBRATION OF BREWERS Award Banquet.

... So you've been wanting to try your hand at brewing your own beer ... get at jump start with a tutorial from the American Home Brewers Association on the HOW to BREW page.


Brewing Schedule for 2020

Addtional details to come...


Historic Brewing Demonstration at Old World Wisconsin

Old World Wisconsin Web Site

Museum of Beer and Brewing and Old World Wisconsin Partnership

A partnership has begun between Old World Wisconsin and the Museum of Beer & Brewing, teaching the process of brewing beer, from growing the ingredients to fermentation, done the same way as the 19th-century brewmasters.

Check out the story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel!

Interesting list of Historical Milestones in American Brewing from 1587 to 2001 published on BeerAdvocate.com.

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To further this mission, the Museum of Beer & Brewing the founders envision the creation of an organization that will preserve and showcase the history of beer and the brewing industry throughout the centuries for the benefit, enjoyment and education of the public. The museum will strive for the support of all beer, brewing, and related organizations and the public.